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FileMaker cURL Sandbox

Test and debug your FileMaker cURL requests with this handy tool.

This database provides a method of testing the integration of FileMaker with APIs that are accessible with the Insert From URL script step. Several examples have been included:

  • Twilio for sending text messages
  • Dropbox for file storage
  • OpenWeatherMap for weather forecasts
  • SmartyStreets for address validation
  • SendGrid for sending email
  • Barcodes4.Me for generating barcodes

Features include:

  1. Storing and retrieving of cURL options for convenient access and readability
  2. Convenient method of replacing parameters (tags) in cURL options with data
  3. Log of API requests for history and troubleshooting

Download the sample file to get started.

Lin, Kun-ju  Jan 28, 2020
Thank you so much for these beautiful examples!!

Steven  Apr 28, 2019
Very nice work. Thanks very much. I am going to use the Twilio service to send SMS. Wondering if there is a way to simply query the service to fetch replies to messages from FileMaker. They don't provide a cURL example in the documentation.

Robert Jackson  Nov 30, 2018
What an amazing resource for developers! Thanks for sharing. #FileMaker

Agentshevy  Oct 15, 2018
Thanks so much for your articles and especially for the sample files, they are very very helpful. I am not a web programmer, but I have been able to work on Filemaker because of its simple nature. (Atlease with the basic templates and script steps) Hopefully, you will be writing more articles on Filemaker Data APis and how they can be used. I really looking forward to it